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Website Backup Solutions

Servers crash. Malware makes the rounds. Hackers try to pry their way in. Website Backup keeps your data safe.

It is important to prevent your site from losing data and from any other issues with corrupted files as many people have experienced the headaches of downtime or the stress of trying to get their website back in order, isn't it?

Just imagine your whole business goes down and faces loss through some mistake or anything that is not your gaps or sometimes you do, but imagine the scenario of going down the drain with any option, because you lost some of your data which results in the reason to start the own business again.

Many people think that why someone would do that but if you ask us, it happens more often than you think as 40% of small to medium businesses don’t back up their data and some who backups their data, never faces single problem in their life as well as in business.

So, if you have a website then today is the day to get your backup plan straight.

Why website backup is important?

Servers crash. Malware makes the rounds. Hackers try to pry their way in. Website Backup keeps your data safe.

It’s not your web host’s responsibility to make backups available for you.

It’s your protection against viruses.

Storing the original development site isn’t enough

Peace of mind

You need to be ready to react quickly.

Website Backup


Malware Issues

We provide you feature of malware which removes malware from your website automatically before you even know that it is there.

Automated Backup

Support Wala IT Services LLP provides you the feature through which all your data will be saved automatically.

Email Backup

Are you worried about all of your emails may disappear? Don’t worry we provide email backup for you or for your customers via our APIs.

Restore Data

With us you can recover your website very quickly which helps you to continue your business with safety.

Cloud Backup

A cloud solution is the perfect place to keep a backup.It’s ever-expanding and with most systems, is backed up and fully redundant.

Download Backup Data

Now you can download your data with one click anytime and anywhere. Backups are available as zipped files

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

One website per account

5 GB
Starting at
$ 5.00/mo
10 GB
Starting at
$ 10.00/mo
50 GB
Starting at
$ 50.00/mo
100 GB
Starting at
$ 100.00/mo
500 GB
Starting at
$ 500.00/mo

All plans include

Automatic daily backups

Built-in daily malware scanning

Back up a file, folder or an entire database

Scheduled or on-demand backups

Continuous security monitoring

Downloads to local storage

Easy one-click restore

Secure cloud storage

Expert 24/7 customer support

We are a renowned server management organization who understands what a business need. We are offering services to our clients for a long tenure and hope to follow this in future to make sure your data and business always stay in safe hands. Our server management services include dedicated technical support, high availability and high-load projects implementation, infrastructure management and more.