SolusVM Server Management


SolusVM is one of the most popular control panels for managing servers with OpenVZ, Xen & KVM virtualization. SolusVM Server supports CentOS 5.x – OpenVZ, Xen, KVM and CentOS 6.x – OpenVZ, KVM. It gives full power controls Inc reboots, power on & off.

Recovery Console is provided in case you face a network Configuration Fault, you can still get to your VPS. You can change the root password of the VPS at the mere click of a button. It allows single login for multiple VPS management that makes usage easier and friendlier.

  • SolusVM Server supports CentOS 5.x – OpenVZ, Xen, KVM and CentOS 6.x – OpenVZ, KVM and provide Recovery Console

Supported Servers

SolusVM Master ( Linux based )

Slave OpenVZ/ XEN-PV/ KVM

Windows 2008

Server Log Analysis

Restart Services

Restart Services if necessary and Required

Fix issues

Fix issues for services with problems


We are applying updates and patches

Service Optimizations

Manage OpenVZ, Xen and KVM virtual machines from one central point.

Monitoring VPS Resources

Allows you to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease.

Managing VPS Templates

Create your own frontend styles and operating system templates.
Server Management
Data Encryption
Server Migration
Bug Fixing
Performance Optimization
24x7 Monitoring
Data Backup

Managing VZCC User Access

Give your customers the ability to manage virtual servers from an intuitive interface.

Managing Hardware Node

Allows you to manage your vps hardware nodes through SolusVM panel.

Monitoring and Viewings Logs

At Supportwala Admin we constantly monitor your servers and networks.

VPS Management Services


With SolusVM you can perform fully automated VPS creation & reinstallation management.

Updates Applied

SolusVM allows you to applying updates and patches as required to your vps server with ease.


SolusVM allows you to easily manage start and stop services of your vps server and can also reboot it.

Actions Log

You can check certain actions like vps reboot or root password change which were made from the panel.


SolusVM allows you to backup or restore all your virtual servers to an assigned, per host node, FTP server.

Resources Settings

Manage the resources of your vps such as RAM, load average, bandwidth and disk utilization over time.

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