Linux Server Management


Since thousands of companies have adopted Linux, your company requires Linux Server administration. However, a full-time Linux System Administrator costs a lot that cannot be justified. Small to medium enterprises have to pay heavy charges to the Server administrator for jobs like installing, upgrading any application/package. A common scenario is that such an admin is unavailable when required. Hire our Admins who can handle every project effectively.

Level 1
  • 30$ per shift
  • 340$ per month
Level 2
  • 50$ per shift
  • 600$ per month
Level 3
  • 70$ per shift
  • 800$ per month
Linux Admin

Linux System Administration

Linux has grown into a widely popular open-source operating system. Whether you’re looking to launch a new web server, build a mobile app from the ground up, or maintain your mainframe computer, a Linux system administrator can help get your open-source project off the ground. A Linux system administrator can help you install, configure, and run the Linux operating system on your servers and computer networks. They can perform routine server maintenance tasks, such as installing regular updates, debugging system errors, running security scans, and creating backups. Linux is the “L” in the popular LAMP stack—a server-side solution that also consists of an Apache server, MySQL, and the PHP programming language. Whether your servers are running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions, or your computers are powered by Debian or Ubuntu, Linux system administrators can install, run, and maintain your open-source servers and networks.

We are a renowned server management organization who understands what a business need. We are offering services to our clients for a long tenure and hope to follow this in future to make sure your data and business always stay in safe hands. Our server management services include dedicated technical support, high availability and high-load projects implementation, infrastructure management and more.