What Should You Be Looking for in a Web Host?

What Should You Be Looking for in a Web Host?

It’s very likely your website will contribute to your livelihood. In terms of blogging, you will lose ad revenue every minute your website is offline. If you run an online store, downtime results in loss of sales. So selecting a reputable web host is essential in protecting your revenue stream.

A reputable web hosting company should offer two things: minimal or almost zero server downtime, and great customer support.

Web hosts can promise almost perfect uptime if they maintain good quality server hardware that is capable of handling traffic spikes to your website. Good ones are often proud of their server hardware and will openly share their setup’s specifications.

If your website ever goes down, or if you just need some help with your account, that’s when you’ll appreciate great customer support that will be happy to make your experience with them as pleasing and effortless as possible.

What is an SSL Certificate?

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