What Is cPanel?

What Is cPanel?

cPanel is a very popular web-based control panel. It is a full-featured website development tool that helps in your website’s management using a graphical user interface (GUI).

With the cPanel, you have complete control in managing your website without depending on highly qualified website developers.

With the cPanel, you now can manage the important aspects of file management, FTP, backups, email management to manage every possible mail-related tasks including spam filter and autoresponder, email account forwarders and mailing lists, domain and sub-domain control, error page management, password protection of web folders, MIME types, Apache handlers, CGI Scripts, statistical information, users management, Cron Jobs, Chatroom management, bulletin board, Shopping Cart, Leech Protection, HotLink Protection, SSL Manager, Network Tools, and MySQL database administration.

cPanel’s Advance Features

As cPanel is a graphical user interface, the users can access it as a front-end tool to carry out the various website operations. The other important features that can be easily handled through the cPanel are the file manager, mailing lists management, autoresponder, Crontab tasks, PGP keys, and email management, mail forwarding, webmail and spam filtering. These are great features to help any type of website.

cPanel also helps to create account or site creation, redirects, management of additional domains, and other features to build and edit web pages and the website. The Cron job helps trigger automate tasks at given time schedules.

The pre-installed CGI scripts such as forums, shopping carts, chats, and website development tools can easily be activated through the cPanel. Email management has become very easy due to cPanel’s excellent email-related features.

The greatest feature, arguably, is the inclusion of ‘Fantastico’ web application, which can easily install various content management systems (CMS) like the Mambo and Joomla, and can install the ever popular blogging platform, WordPress, that has taken the internet into an advanced era of blogging. There are other softwares and scripts that can be installed through the Fantastico option. cPanel has become the greatest website administration tool that even a newbie can easily manage.

Using these great features of the cPanel and Fantastico, the webmaster can now concentrate on creating quality content and web pages on his website without worrying about the in-depth technical aspects of the website’s development, because most of these technical aspects are taken care by cPanel, Fantastico, and other great features.

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