Payment via CCAVENUE

Support Wala accepts payments via Net Banking , MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, wire transfer and Paypal. Usage of a credit card indicates authorization to cover all future recurring charges and additional fees with the credit card on file. Credit cards will be charged on the renewal date for the account. Accounts will renew automatically on the anniversary of each billing cycle unless proper cancellation notice is submitted to our billing department (see cancellation policy below).

Other Payment Methods

Support Wala accepts paypal, personal check, company check, echeck, wire transfer and money order. All funds must be payable in US dollars. Support Wala does not accept international checks in foreign currencies. Payment for services by check must be received prior to renewal dates to avoid interruption of service.

Returned Check Fee

In the event that a check is returned, service will be immediately suspended and customer will be sent a suspension e-mail allowing seven (5) days to rectify the situation. If within the seven (5) days the customer fails to pay all service fees, including a $20.00 reactivation fee and a $20.00 returned check fee, customer's account will be permanently cancelled. Such cancellation does not relieve client's obligation for payment under the terms of the hosting agreement. Cancellation includes the removal of all files on the account. In the event of a charge back, will immediately suspend all services to client until such time as full payment is received in addition to a $20.00 charge back fee and a $20.00 account enable fee.

Late Payment /Late Check / Non-Payment

You will receive an invoice 1 day prior to your renewal.
After 4 days pass you will receive another invoice. (Reminding you of the outstanding balance).
On the 7th day, you will receive a final suspension notice and your account will be suspended the following day.
If payment has still not been made, we will leave the server in its spot offline for 1 week. If we have not heard back from you or receive payment, your server will be taken offline and all data will be destroyed.


Returned Check Fee

A cancellation will only be accepted if it is done by the following method:
Login to your myVelocity control panel, go to the device you wish to cancel, click the cancellation button, fill out the form.
All account cancellations must be received in the above manner at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the date of renewal. Accounts cancelled with less than fifteen (15) days notice shall be cancelled at the end of the next term and shall be charged accordingly.
When a cancellation request is made, Support Wala will immediately remove all configuration information as well as all contents of the account on the date of the next renewal of the account. Customer may request immediate cancellation if so desired. Server Wala will remove all files. This may include unread e-mail left on the server.

Refund Policy

Support Wala does not offer refunds forany of server management plans under any circumstance. Any credits for service are handled on a case by case basis at the Management's discretion.

Taxes Policy

15% Tax Applicable To All Products And Service According Indian Govt Rules.

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