Support Wala IT Services LLP has been at the forefront of providing quality managed technical services to various companies for more than 10 years. Our areas of expertise include dedicated technical support, high availability and high-load projects implementation, infrastructure management as well as server management.

Support Wala IT Services LLP takes a unique approach to every client. Our engineers work with companies to identify real business opportunities and threats. We then offer customized plans and proven solutions that help our clients achieve business goals, become more efficient and productive.

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Support Wala IT Services LLP corporate values reflect the idea of a positive can-do attitude toward our customers and our work. They unite us into a close-knit team:

Successful Developmen

We provide our customers with the ability to gain control of their information system. Our goal is not to patch holes in it and fight fires.

Performance and Efficiency

We are open for cooperation with customers who want to increase the performance and efficiency of their IT infrastructure.

Offer Solutions

We help our customers to reveal their hidden resources and offer solutions for their efficient use.

Value our Customers

We value our customers’ opinions – they help us find the right direction of

Growth and Development

We like to face unusual tasks and we always strive to find unconventional solutions to the challenges, which stimulates our growth and development.

Business Opportunities

We are always open to explore any form of cooperation, as it opens new business opportunities for us.


Our senior technical staff members have more than 30 years of experience.Their complementary knowledge and skills helped us build a well-balanced, professional and competent team.


Over the years we’ve built a well-developed and strong infrastructure that ensures continuity and quality of the services offered.

Master classes

Master-classes from our senior engineers and corporate internal trainings help us develop our own human resources.

Regularly Trainings

Our team members regularly receive trainings (using our rich Knowledge Base) and assessments (professional skills).


At the first stage, we carefully select candidates and put them through extensive testing (including psychological testing).

Knowledgeable staff

It’s not easy to find a competent specialist. We know first hand how challenging it can be to hire an excellent professional.


The basis of our success is a strong team of 40 high-level professionals. All staff members are carefully selected .

Availability 24/7/365

We realizes that always being available is essential to our customers’ businesses and their processes. That is why we make sure our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staffing and office schedules are planned to make sure we are fully staffed and ready to handle any issue that comes our way. Our Technical Support team is available for any questions you may have regarding any topic. Our multilingual 24/7 support allows to keep in touch with customers in all time zones and regions. We provide 24/7 technical support to customers through our Technical Support Centre.

Constant communication

Communication among team members as well as between Support Wala IT Services LLP and our customers is imperative. Therefore we are committed to an unparalleled standard of transparency. Our crew holds recurrent shift meetings, to make sure any issues that span multiple shifts are passed off to the right people, and long-running issues such as backup restorations and device migrations don’t fall through the cracks. Additionally, we hold regularly scheduled company-wide meetings to ensure that our team has the opportunity to address current issues and provide direct feedback to management.

A to Z Support Services

Below is a list of few technologies that we are supporting.

Xen Virtualization Technology

Our well qualified Virtualization Technical Support Team can handle Xen, KVM or any latest Virtualization Technologies with ease.

DirectAdmin Web Hosting

Handling hundreds of cases everyday. We have the best and most reliable DirectAdmin Technical Support Team in this industry.

Windows Operating System

We provide technical support for all Windows Server Versions and Windows related server technologies.

OpenVZ Virtualization Technology

We are masters in VMware. So all your Vmware related concerns will be resolved with high professionalism.

VMware Virtualization Technology

OpenVZ or Virtuzzo, We have Specialists in Virtualization. So enjoy the day and let us handle your servers.

Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel

Our Experienced Plesk admins will provide the best Plesk Technical Support and Plesk Server Management.

Webmin Web Hosting Control Panel

Our well trained Webmin admins can handle any complex Webmin related technical assistance for you .

Linux Operating System

We provide technical support for all flavors of Linux. Your Linux servers are safe with our experienced Linux Admins.

cPanel Web Hosting

All of our Techs are cPanel certified. We provide cPanel Technical Support, cPanel Server Management for Web Hosts, Resellers..etc

We are a renowned server management organization who understands what a business need. We are offering services to our clients for a long tenure and hope to follow this in future to make sure your data and business always stay in safe hands. Our server management services include dedicated technical support, high availability and high-load projects implementation, infrastructure management and more.