Our support team first analyzes the issue in depth and then offer respective solutions with the latest virtualization techniques. If you’re facing any sort of virtualization issues on your server, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts can resolve all your queries with an ease and high-end professionalism.

Hyper-V server is used to create virtual machines on systems running on Windows.
An acronym for Solus Virtual Manager, allows clients to manage a VPS cluster with ease and high-end security.
One of the most powerful GUI based Virtualizor and it majorly supports OpenVZ, XenPV etc.
VMware Esxi Server
It is one of the most reliable and consistent platforms for virtualization server.
Control Panels

Control Panels

We at Support Wala IT Services LLP excel at c-Panel server support assistance. We offer various services for Web hosts, Resellers etc. When it comes to c-Panel support, we have the best dedicated technical support team whose well-trained and can even handle complex server related issues. We provide 24x7 assistance to our clients.
c-Panel is an online Linux based web hosting service. We offer a web hosting control panel to our clients that provide a GUI and basic automation tools for customization.
Plesk allows you to automate all your tasks pertaining to web hosting.
Direct Admin is one of the most user-friendly and affordable server management solutions for your business.
Looking for a server management tool for Linux machine? WEBMIN can be your modern control panel with simple interface design.

Cloud Management

From simple to most critical business environment, Support Wala offers solutions with direct access to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon web services, and Digital ocean web services. Additionally, we also deliver Microsoft Azure along with a 24x7 operating center.
Google Cloud
Support Wala offers you Google Cloud Platform for Internet peering in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles.
Microsoft Azure
Azure is a cloud computing service by Microsoft that ensures availability and performance, increases agility and transparency.
Amazon Web Services
At Support Wala, you can also avail Amazon web services which are one leading cloud platform in today’s era.
Digital Ocean Cloud
DigitalOcean offers cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications which can simultaneously run on multiple computers.
Cloud Management
Mail Server

Mail Server

We give Mail Server Management to Web Hosts, Resellers at a reasonable cost. We have the best and most dependable Mail Servers. Our very much prepared server's managers can deal with any intricate Mail Server related specialized help for you and your clients.
Smarter Mail integrates with Microsoft Exchange level server software and instant messaging.
Zimbra Server
Zimbra Server can be your ultimate task solution for managing emails, calendars and address books.
Office 365
With Office 365 you can avail productivity tools that can enhance security, reliability and performance of your business servers.

Linux Server

Understanding how critical Linux environment is, we offer affordable Linux Server Management Services that can be scaled with your business prerequisites. Our specialized group offers 24*7 continuous and boundless Linux server support assistance. Support Wala remotely handles all the specialized issues identified with server improvement, observing and security. We lessen the downtime by quick spot and issue settling before our client even takes note.
Ping Monitoring
Ping monitoring constantly monitors your servers for a response. We offer a solution to manage various windows servers.
Hard Disk checking tool
Hard Disk Checking Tool is primarily used for Linux machines and for managing Linux servers.
Server Load Check
It is one high-end maintenance activity which constantly monitors your server load and partitions.
Security Assistance
As security is a key aspect, we manage your Linux sever through Firewall and Anti-DOS settings.
Linux Server
Windows Server

Windows Server

As Windows is most commonly used web platform, we at Support Wala assist organizations running basic information, complex applications and requesting purchaser necessities require the intensity of windows server the board. A constant 24x7servermanagement approach disentangles and robotizes server regulatory capacities for significant procedures, be it Web server, Mail Server or SQL database server, our specialized team of professionals improves execution to collect more prominent profitability.
Server Monitoring
Windows Server monitoring keeps monitoring your servers throughout and analyzes server logs.
Services Support
Support Wala offer support for MySQL, ASP.Net, Php, & ISAPI platform.
Service Reboot
We also initiate a service reboot call if requested by client in any case.
Server Security
As server maintenance is crucial, we offer periodic backup and advanced firewall configurations for your server.

Power MTA

We offer leading services in Power MTA installation, configuration, and reconciliation in India. With the genuine spotlight on the conveyance of the best administrations to the customers, Support Wala guarantees the least expensive and best ability in Power MTA establishment, configuration and mix. Here are a few highlights of the skill in Power MTA establishment, configuration, and reconciliation:
Complete mailing solution
Power MTA offers a complete mailing solution for your business.
IP Monitoring
We constantly monitor all IP addresses related to your business to prevent them from blacklisting.
Performance Reports
Power MTA aims at maintaining daily performance reports of your server.
Mass Mail System
We also offer services that assist you in properly managing the mass email system.
Power MTA
Support Wala

Welcome to Support Wala IT Services LLP

Best Web Hosting Support

We propound world-class server management services and Best Web Hosting Support to our clients. Server Management is an administration that oversees server security, venture execution, the foundation the executives, benefit designs, programming setting up and helping clients with server related issues. Our high-end server solutions are always offered in a way that keeps client’s need and requirement in consideration. Our team of experts constantly monitors your servers to make sure that they’re trouble free. We also offer Magento Server Management Services, If any issue is addressed, we offer support in the least time possible and try to resolve the issue before it creates any severe effect.


We have Knowledgeable staff.


We are available 24 hours a day.


We have Constant Communication.

Server Security Services

At Support Wala IT Services LLP, you will experience a high-end professional environment. We offer server support solutions for critical systems and applications while establishing security controls throughout to make sure your server is away from any potential threat. Our constant cybersecurity assessments by our professionals assess compliance with GDPR obligations and the risk of non-compliance.

Linux Security
Understanding how critical Linux environment is, our team of experts excel in offering top-notch solutions for any server related troubles.
Disaster Recovery
We understand how important your data and business are hence we constantly try to safeguard your assets from any potential threat.
Windows Security
As Windows is one of the most commonly used platforms worldwide, we offer simple solutions to keep your data and applications intact.
Cyber Security
Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect for any business. Our team of experts understand this fact and offer solutions in a proactive approach.
GDPR Security
GDPR aka General Data Protection and Regulations includes data management, flow mapping, data lifecycle and more.
SSL Certificate
It is a more authentic way of protecting your data. We secure your personal information on all servers via Cryptographic algorithms.

Support For platforms

Data and information are two basic elements for any business’s growth. We at Support Wala IT Services LLP offer server support and assistance for various platforms including Windows, Linux, Microsoft SQL Database, ASP.Net and more.


Data Encryption

We ensure that your data is secure and protected with the help of most watertight encryption techniques.

Server Migration

We offer hassle-free server to transfer your data from one server to another with an ease.

Bug Fixing

Errors, bugs, Failures, faults? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We prevent your data and keep it secure from any threat or danger.
Server Management
Data Encryption
Server Migration
Bug Fixing
Performance Optimization
24x7 Monitoring
Data Backup

Data Backup

We offer reliable solutions to keep your data secure and offer services like Hack recovery, onsite and offsite data backup and more.

Secure Payment

Our payment techniques are 100% authenticate and secure. Pay hassle-free!

24x7 Monitoring

We don’t leave your data and servers alone for any minute. Our team of professionals constantly monitor your servers and networks.

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